With sharpened pencils, a blank sketchbook, and a dream.

Book 3, 'A Sketch & A Prayer: The Mid-Atlantic', is now in the works! If you don't have books 1 or 2, receive a 20% discount on the both if ordered between now and it's release date.

You won't want to fall behind on the trail!! 

I'm an artist by trade and profession, but sometimes I suffer from a low confidence in my own abilities. I am without a doubt my own worst critic and at times, enemy. Sometime ago, I packed up my drawing supplies and called it quits, I never wanted to draw again. Then on May 6th, of 2014, as my wife and I climbed to the top of Max Patch, NC, we came across a scene that ignited something deep within me. There's a trail that stretches some 2180 miles from Georgia to Maine, it's called the Appalachian Trail or the AT for short and it crosses the summit of this North Carolina bald. As I crouched to take a picture of a weather beaten wooden post painted with the familiar white blaze that marks the trail, my eyes immediately began to water. With a quiver in my voice, I told my wife that I had the uncontrollable urge to draw again. It truly happened that fast! From that moment, I knew exactly what I had to do: I had to load up my backpack with paper & pencils and all the other necessities and hit the trail. I had played around with the idea of hiking the AT, doing a sketch a day and then showcasing them in a book before, but without the will to draw, it'd be next to impossible. That all changed that day. A little more than 2 months later, I set out to find myself and the artist within.

Mike "Sketch" Wurman

Max Patch, NC - May 6th, 2014Max Patch, NC - May 6th, 2014

After last summers section hike from Damascus, VA to Harpers Ferry, WV, over 550 miles and hundreds of sketches, book 2, "A Sketch & A Prayer: A Visual Journey of the Appalachian Trail - The Virginia Highlands" is here!